Our education is more than just academics - we have to know how to make and keep our own boundaries to maintain our well-being.
— College student, online survey comment

Supplemental Campaign Materials

Add impact to your Red Flag Campaign launch and implementation by purchasing any of these supplemental materials.

Available at The Red Flag Campaign online store.

Red Flag Campaign Scroll Pen
Red Flag Campaign Stadium cup
Red Flag Campaign T-shirt

Scroll Pens

Scroll pens roll out to reveal characteristics of healthy relationships on one side and Red Flag Campaign website on the other.


• Students LOVE these pens! Give them out as prizes for attending an event, completing an evaluation of your Red Flag Campaign-related programming. 

Stadium Cups

Designed specifically for men to engage in bystander intervention.

Front design: “Another guy kept cornering my friend at the party, so I checked in with her.”

Back design: “Say something” with web address and link to Red Flag questions.

16-oz. cups


 Distribute wherever men hang out, including...
• Male greek organizations
• Male athletics teams
• Male-centered student organizations
• If male-identified students are coordinating The Red Flag Campaign launch on your campus, ask for ideas for distribution.
• Give out to residence life staff, and/or as prizes for men who participate in Red Flag Campaign programming. 
• Invite male-centered student groups to help plan The Red Flag Campaign launch; ask them to head up distribution of stadium cups.



Official Red Flag Campaign wear.

T-shirts are printed on front only. 

Short-sleeve, 100% cotton. 

Front design: “Say Something. The Red Flag Campaign.”

Available in fitted and non-fitted styles.


• Order a few of these shirts to thank your campaign organizers for their hard work; ask them to wear their t-shirts at all Red Flag Campaign events to make it clear whom students can ask for help.

Thank you for taking this issue seriously and making it a platform of discussion on college campuses.
— College student, online survey comment

Red Flag Campaign mural on college campus