We plan to use the Red Flag Campaign to aid us in continuing our bystander message, specifically focusing on intimate partner violence.
— Title IX Coordinator (small private college)

To end sexual and intimate partner violence, we must work to make change on individual, relationship, community, and societal levels. That means, for example, changing how individuals think, how people relate to one another, how communities respond to violence, and how society values healthy over controlling behaviors.

No one campaign will solve the problem, but The Red Flag Campaign can be a helpful tool in changing individual attitudes and behaviors, helping people learn about healthier ways to relate to one another, and shifting the social norms of a campus or community into one that is less tolerant of abusive actions and more invested in establishing healthy norms. 


We're passing along a few of The Red Flag Campaign success stories that campuses across the U.S. have shared with us.

Learn more about the inventive ideas from schools that have engaged their communities in ending sexual violence, dating violence, and stalking on campus. 

The Red Flag Campaign enhances the scope of our programming and makes bystander intervention visible on our campus.
— University Wellness Center (large public university)